The U.K. Sucrologists Club

The First & Only Sugar Packet Collector's Club in the U.K.

The Club is run by fellow sugar wrapper collectors on a voluntary basis. At present we have over 200 members in the U.K., Europe, Asia and the U.S.A. including Hawaii.

We all collect the little packets of sugar you get when you order tea or coffee in a cafe or restaurant. There are thousands of different ones, square, rectangular, tube shaped, pyramid shaped, some plain and simple right up to the really exotic multi-coloured ones from around the world.

We have a Membership Secretary/Treasurer and Caretaker (for the distribution of packets to new members, etc.) and an Editor and Publisher for the newsletter.

We issue a newsletter four times a year, which includes information about sugar companies and packagers, new issues of packets, competitions, *forthcoming visits to sugar packet producing companies, *future exchange meetings, an update of members names and addresses and hobbies and other advice and information that is of interest to our members.

If you would like to join, please complete the Application Form and return it to us. Your membership details and a copy of our recent newsletter will be sent on receipt of your application.

If you have any problems printing the Application Form, please write to the address on the Application Form for a copy

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

For all our latest meeting and other events see Past Events

The Origin of the Sugar Cube

Why Collect Sugar Packets?

First Ever Sugar packets


News, Hot Off The Press!

Sugar Packets poised to show us the logo

(Don't forget to turn your speakers on!)

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